Bringing beauty to the women of the world with quality cosmetics sundries from Japan.

Message from the CEO

Masahide Terada CEO
Masahide Terada
SHOBIDO was founded in 1948 as a cosmetics sundries wholesaler. Since then the SHOBIDO has expanded to now cover everything from original product planning and manufacturing to sales and sales display designs. We have also added contact lenses to our product lineup. SHOBIDO brings the kawaii aesthetic to the world through an extensive list of goods designed to meet the needs of women from all walks of life. SHOBIDO is listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and is a trusted corporation with the flexibility to adapt swiftly to trends and market changes. As a company I know we will continue to evolve and cement our global brand, and I look forward to experiencing SHOBIDO's future success.

Global Strategy

Becoming No. 1 in Asia, Increased Global Expansion

SHOBIDO currently has consolidated subsidiaries in Shanghai and Taiwan, and is pursuing active expansion into Asia and other overseas markets. Demand in Asia for Japanese manufacturing and design is high. Our ability to supply a wide assortment of original Japanese cosmetics sundries, cosmetics and contact lenses (Cosme Contacts®) has helped grow our business with major retail chains located overseas. Clients include both local companies and Japanese subsidiaries.

Extending the SHOBIDO Brand Lineup

We are increasing business overseas, through continued development of the SHOBIDO product lineup. Major products include PienAge brand Cosme Contacts®, Decorative Eyelash brand false eyelashes, Brigitte brand cosmetics, and Reika brand cosmetics sundries (designed specifically for the overseas market).

Company Data

Company NameSHOBIDO Corporation

Business OutlinePlanning, manufacturing and sales of cosmetics sundries including makeup, apparel, accessories and miscellaneous character goods. Planning and sales of contact lenses.

Head OfficeTokyo Head OfficeSHINAGAWA INTERCITY Tower A 23F, 2-15-1, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-6023, Japan

Osaka Head Office6-4-18, Nishitemma, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0047, Japan

FoundedOctober 1948

EstablishmentDecember 1949

Capital545 million yen (As of September 30, 2018)

Fiscal Year EndSeptember 30

Headcount (Consolidated)309 (As of September 30, 2018)

SHOBIDO at a Glance

Over 700 Clients

As a comprehensive product designer and manufacturer, our diverse lineup of merchandise allows us to propose full-shelf sales displays. Our extensive distribution channels also mean that SHOBIDO products can be found in a wide variety of locations including megastores, drug stores and variety stores.

Licensing Beloved and Well-Known Characters

SHOBIDO holds productization licenses for a variety of Disney, Sanrio and other popular characters. SHOBIDO is able to acquire these licenses due to it proven track record—as both a manufacturer and wholesaler—for high quality character goods.

character goods

Approximately 200 Partner Factories in Japan/Overseas

SHOBIDO began securing on-site factories and producing original goods in 1986 during the upswing in production in South Korea. We later expanded production to China in 1993. Since that time we have increased our number of partner factories and built on our expertise in manufacturing. Currently, SHOBIDO has around 200 partner factories located both in Japan and overseas.

30,000 SHOBIDO Original and Wholesale Products

SHOBIDO adapts to the changing needs of consumers with product lineups that target customers who range from kids to senior citizens. We develop approximately 5,000 new products each year, and handle a total of around 30,000 products. Our focus is on original SHOBIDO goods.


Discovering Beauty with Total Product Lines

SHOBIDO offers a rich lineup of eye cosmetics, including false eyelashes and eyeliners. We have also added Cosme Contacts®* to our products, which correct vision while making eyes appear wider and more attractive. Our diverse lineup of products allow us to meet a woman's total beauty needs.

(*Cosme Contacts® are contact lenses which help eyes to appear wider and more attractive, similar to the effect of other cosmetics such as mascara or eyeliner. "Cosme Contact"® is a registered trademark of the SHOBIDO Group.)

SHOBIDO at a Glance